Success Story

by Brenda Loan February 12th, 2021

A client recently shared a story of confidence with me. This client is very intelligent and quick, but always felt uncomfortable getting clear when she was given a big important project. It was her belief that she should "just know what was expected and how to deliver". She should magically understand the purpose and intricacies of the project assigned, even though she only had 6 months of experience at her company. We worked on asking questions in a positive way showing interest and engagement instead of perceived lack of knowledge. 

She asked questions like “what is the result you’re looking for? How do you see yourself using this information? What’s the most important detail to you in this project? What do you think I need to know to deliver this well?”

It took a while for gain comfort with it, but a month later I’m happy to report that she is gaining accolades on her projects, because she has the information she needs to get it done right.

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