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Brenda Loan Baker

Certified Professional Coach

Brenda coaches a wide-range of clients to access their highest levels of potential. With a compassionate approach and a depth of experience, she supports clients in connecting with their most compelling desires, developing a clearly focused and achievable action plan, and providing high-energy motivation for success…

George Loan Baker

Certified Professional Coach

With 32 years of municipal fire, pre-hospital emergency health care and disaster management experience, 26 years as a Chief Officer, George now provides executive level coaching to individuals, groups and teams to refine their abilities, tap into the high energy within and get the results they are looking for… 

James Lopata

Certified Professional Coach

With over two decades of executive management experience — including in digital media consulting, in the music and entertainment industries, on Wall Street, and in journalism — James now provides leadership coaching to individuals and companies who are creating game-changing innovation…


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