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Entrepreneur InnerOvation

Leadership for Entrepreneurs.

A focused, comprehensive, coaching program for growing businesses that drives results.

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Is This for You?

For entrepreneurs who answer ‘yes’ to any of the following: 

  • Three or more business, financial, legal, or customer crises in the past year—despite the things you’ve tried.
  • Problems with customer, client, or employee retention.
  • Trouble adapting to changes in your business and industry.
  • Difficulty seeing where you want your business to be next.
  • Feeling your business could be big but are unsure how to get it there.
  • Love being your own boss but need partnership and accountability.
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How Does it Work?

We use a comprehensive, proprietary 3-part model combining the best of evidence-based methodologies and tools available today.

  1. INSIDE: Who are you and/or your team? What do you value? What do you offer? What makes you unique?
  2. OUTSIDE: What do others look to you for? What do you lead in? What makes others want to follow you?
  3. VALUE: Where does your value meet what others value in you? Where is it that you create the most value?
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What do You Get?

We turn small businesses into a thriving machine by providing you:

  • a business plan that gets results
  • satisfaction improvement in all areas
  • clear insights and actions
  • a partner who understands how to make it happen
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How Does it Happen?

We take you through 5 simple steps:

  1. Comprehensive Business Clarification
  2. Targeted Strategy
  3. Achievable Plan
  4. Action and follow-up
  5. Realized success
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How Do You Want It?

Available in the following formats:

  • 1-day quick start clarification
  • 3-month strategize and plan
  • 6-month act and realize
  • Ongoing customizable and sustaining programs
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Who Are We?

Our team of coaches and consultants include ICF certified coaches, official Small Business Coaches for the City of Boston, MassChallenge mentors, Ace-Up certified coaches, Results System™ certified coaches and more. 


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