Unique Coaching Approach


Create accelerated results by transforming team attitudes and behaviors from the inside out.

  • Have team members who are not fully engaged?
  • Fear your team can’t get it done?
  • Believe your team has conflicting agendas?
  • Assume your team lacks buy-in?
  • Observe conflicts that hinder performance?
  • Feel that your team is imbalanced?
  • See that your team needs some motivation and focus?
  • Looking for more engagement and better results from your team?
  • Want your team to be less stressed and feel happier about what           they do?
  • New to leading a team and want help becoming the leader                         everyone respects?
  • Want your team to operate like a “well-oiled” machine?

Team Benefits

  • Clearly define team desired results.
  • Identify attitudes and patterns of behavior keeping the team stuck and re-design them.
  • Give team direction without micro-managing.
  • Implement a proven method for decreasing stress and increasing energy.
  • Enhance empathy, understanding and connection.

Our Process

  • Comprehensive Team Insight
  • Customized Team Strategy & Coaching 
  • Clear Action and Accountability 
  • Powerful Results!

Demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges and gaps the team was facing, and then proposed a comprehensive, results-based strategy for change.

Maureen Price-Boreland 

Executive Director, Community Partners in Action

The outcome for the group was an increased level of self-awareness and understanding of group dynamics, and a commitment by all to building and sustaining an effective team environment.

Deanne Scaringe 

Deputy Director, Community Partners in Action

Helped us to look at key areas we needed to address as a team; and create the action plan needed to accomplish trust, communication and integrity within our team structure.

Adrienne Jenkins 

A/R Operations Manager, VNA Community Healthcare

Taking our team through the Results Accelerator for Teams™ helped us achieve a higher level of self-awareness and comfort level in acknowledging and accepting personal vulnerabilities and opportunities for growth. Overall, individual growth has contributed to a more authentic level of teamwork and ability to contribute at a strategic level.

Marie MacLean 

HR Director, Community Partners in Action  

Our workshops consisted of management level staff from different departments. We had the opportunity to see that we were all concerned about the same kinds of issues and that we are more alike than different as we try and balance life. There was a noticeable difference after the workshop in the way staff from different departments interacted with each other.

HR Manager, HARC


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