All who wander are not lost!

by Brenda Loan

The summer of 2020 was scheduled to be a great one for me. I had a trip planned to Italy. My sister was living there and we had an amazing trip planned until…

Like so many others covid squelched my plans to explore Rome and Italy. After the tears and anger I got a wine subscription and we learned some great Italian recipes at home. 

To insure a proper vacation this year my husband and I bought an RV trailer. After major planning and I’ll admit some trepidation from me we set off. 

As we close out our 21 day trek across 18 states, seeing 8 National Parks, I am in awe of how beautiful and different each part of our country is. We have been in the mountains and plains, farmland and tourist locations. We have seen so many animals and colors, beauty beyond belief. I hope you can benefit from a few things I have learned on this wild ride. 

On this trip I took risks. Heck just agreeing to be in a confined space with my family members for this long was a risk. I did things that were really out of the box for me. Climbing to a height of 12000 feet above sea level was just one of them, there were tons more, several daily. Each one of these things, no matter how small, increased my confidence and my belief in who I am. Now returning to the everyday world and routine, I am able to pull from these moments to push me that next step, have a really hard conversation or to make that call I have been avoiding.

Around every corner during these 21 days I saw unexpected sights. This amazing country has so much beauty. Each state is different from the next. Different look, different animals, different smells and stores. I don’t know how to describe the feeling that these sights invoked in me. If you had your breath captured by a quaking aspen or were immobilized seeing a huge animal in it’s natural home, you will understand. If you don’t understand, get out into nature - you need it!!

This trip took immense planning. Buying and setting up the RV came first. Arranging my work so that I was able to enjoy the 21 days fully, sure of my focus (and a cell phone signal) was a tall feat. It took way more than 21 days of planning to have this trip go as smoothly as it did. All of that planning was worth it. Taking the leap of faith into belief that I could leave all of my responsibilities was Herculean for this diehard mom of six. Experiencing this time away has gifted me understanding of the importance of sabbatical. The weight lifted by leaving my responsibilities behind was immense. Taking an extended time from your usual routine and responsibilities allows a clarity I have not seen in years.

I hope my experience helps you to shift your thinking. Even if they are not as big and crazy as a 21 day road trip, you should:

  1. Try new things. 
  2. Take time out to see the waterfalls.
  3. Plan big.

Reach out to me if you need help determining where you can start and how to make it actionable!

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