innerOvate Your Business

Determine exactly what you need to do, to get your business working for you!


Supporting you with our engaging content, inspiring programs, and insightful coaching communities, the Entrepreneur Leadership  walks you through creating an actionable plan to grow your business. We look at all five areas of the business plan and hone in on how you can improve your profitability and enjoyment.

It’s for you if...

  • You are wanting MORE from your business and your life.
  • You have the drive to succeed but STRUGGLE with which tasks are most important.
  • You want a new tested, practical way of building your business that, when adopted, creates SIGNIFICANT and lasting results.
  • You have ever felt BURNT OUT trying to wear all the hats of your business.
  • You want to create a ROADMAP for your business.
  • You if you want to create SUCCESS on your terms.

Live Virtual Training

Every other week get live online content diving deep into your business. Using our insightful process and tools to determine your strengths and build on your weaknesses as a business.

Live Group Coaching Calls

Join our business expert Brenda every other week online and learn how to apply the content to your unique situation. Brenda will assist you in determining YOUR best path forward.

Private Online Community

Connect with peers, share challenges, ask questions, get and give feedback. Shorten your path to success by skipping the mistakes others have made.

We’ll give you everything you need to create success on your terms — to be able to grow your business in a way that truly works for you.

Most business owners are so busy running their business they don't have time to do the big picture thinking. The kind of thinking that allows them to grow their business and run it smoothly. They may have great passion about their business, but are not sure about the marketing, financial or other areas of their business.

Creating a thriving business can seem overwhelming and daunting at times. This fantastic program introduces clear foundational methods for how to grow a business with confidence. Executive and small business coach, consultant and managing partner at innerOvation Brenda Loan Baker reveals tried and true methods—adapted from Silicon Valley—for building your portfolio and profits as quickly and easily as possible. 

Your journey starts the moment you join us. We will share with you an invitation to our private member community, dates to begin our live training calls and live coaching calls along with our goal setting workbook to help you get the most of this class from the beginning. Workbooks will follow each live training so you can instantly apply your learning. You’ll have six months access to all of the training recordings so you review at your own pace, and really deepen the experience of all you’ll be learning. 

Here’s what the modules include:


Know who your ideal client is as well as important characteristics to create clear messaging that improves your results.


Take your version of what you do (product/service) and translate it to hot your ideal client in the heart!


Improve your communication skills to your ideal client and determine where to find masses of them without spending gobs of money.


Scaling your business is hard! Use our process to determine when and how to scale. What you need and how to attain it in the best way possible.


Know why your business is important to you and how that can encourage sales. Determine what things are holding you back and shift them into powerful motivators.

Numbers and Metrics

Many business owners shy from knowing their numbers. Learn how to make your numbers work for you! What is important to know and watch to determine your success, and how to measure success.

Special Partner Offer

Any entrepreneur that participates in the Empowered Entrepreneur program and the TOMO360 Master Your Digital Marketing to create their marketing program will receive $49 off each course! A $98 savings!

Use Code SPRING when registering for both classes to receive the offer.

Empowered Entrepreneur

      $399 all-inclusive investment.              

  • 3 Live Trainings
  •  3 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Opportunities for 1-1 Coaching
  • Access to Private Online Community
  • Workbooks to deepen understanding
  •  Access to recorded trainings for 6 months
  • (Affordable Payment plans available)

Empowered Entrepreneur Advanced 

$1,299 all-inclusive investment

  • 6, 1-1 coaching sessions (to be experienced over the next 3 months)
  • In between session quick hit email or text
  • 3 Live Trainings
  •  3 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Private Online Community
  • Workbooks to deepen understanding
  •  Access to recorded trainings for 6 months
  • (Affordable Payment plans available)

Empowered Entrepreneur Intensive

$1,999 all inclusive investment

  • 12, 1-1 coaching sessions (to be experienced over the next 3-6 months)
  • In between session quick hit email or text
  • 3 Live Trainings
  • 3 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Private Online Community
  • Workbooks to deepen understanding
  • Access to recorded trainings for 6 months
  • (Affordable Payment plans available)

Empowered Entrepreneur Program

Register now for cohort beginning in March

Space is limited, and seats will fill fast!    


I already see progress using the tools that I have learned. I am finding it easier to choose my approach and the results are better! 

Entrepreneurial Client

My leadership confidence has increased just in the last few weeks!

Entrepreneurial Client

Brenda is a committed leader who recognizes the value of building her skills in order to better support her clients and community. She is an incredibly gifted and experienced coach who is committed to helping those she helps. 

Angela Lussier, CEO Speaker Sisterhood

II had the pleasure to work with Brenda as I was about to launch my business. I needed some clear directions of how to find my target market and set financial goals and be more organized. Brenda gave practical next steps and homework assignments, which I loved! We also had pitching training sessions. At the end, she helped me to be more assertive, to understand better my competitors and to have clear tasks to make my company successful.

Oliver Jamin Changeart, Founder and Owner OJC Artisan of sound

Brenda's inspirational coaching gave me the opportunity to transform who I am as a leader. She helped me to be thoughtful and intentional in my approach. I have elevated my game significantly as a result of her sessions.


Sr. Scienist

Brenda is a power house! She is able to tackle not only the limiting beliefs stopping you from taking massive action but also the performance challenges when it comes to business logistics. Our session left me not only with an actionable plan but also with the knowledge of how I can perform best in my business, reaffirming a part of me I wasn't aware of when it comes to getting things done. 

Jennifer Tavares

Business Manager